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Use Text & Tell to send messages to your employees, your customers or send Bulk SMS to promote your business. Forget the tidious typing on your handset and create templates for all your business processes.

Text & Tell will save you thousands of dollars in postage, outbound phone calls and staff time.

How you can use SMS?

  • Appointment and meeting confirmations
  • Event management
  • Announce specials and discounts
  • Promote new products
  • Direct your mobile sales force
  • Time crital alerts and notifications
  • Service updates: e.g. outages, disruptions or delays
  • Loyalty program alerts

Multiple users per account

You can add an unlimited number of users under one account and set message limits for each user. Only the account holder has access to any financial information.

Sender id's

Most providers will send your SMS from a random number. With Text & Tell you can register a Sender Id for each user on your account. Once we have confirmed your mobile number by sending you an Activation Code, all messages will be sent from the number you have registered as a Sender Id and all replies will go to this number.

Bulk SMS

You can set up re-usable campaigns with schedules and sent these to thousands of users with the click of a button.

Corporate Address Book

You can import your coproate address book and share it will all users on your account.

Import/Export contacts

You can import your contacts from a CSV (Comma Separates Values) file. You can export your contacts from Text & Tell as a CSV file.

Export messages

If you need to keep records, you can export all your messages and save them as a textfile or spreadsheet.

Message and Campaign costs

Text & Tell shows you the exact costs of the messages and campaigns you have sent.

Why use Text & Tell?
  • Send bulk SMS to over 220 countries and 880 providers at the same rate.
  • Send up to 50,000 messages with a click of a button.
  • Most providers will send your SMS from a random number. With Text & Tell you can register your handset as a Sender Id.
  • Text & Tell uses SSL: All your data is transmitted via a secure connection.
  • No need to worry about country codes. Just enter any number as you would in your own country.
  • Delivery status update for all messages you send.
  • Online usage reports and invoicing
  • Send your messages now and pay later. Benefit from our postpaid account option.
  • No monthly minium spend. Pay as you go.