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What is a "short URL"? What is an “URL” in the first place? “URL” stands for Uniform Resource Locator: an address that identifies a particular file on the Internet, usually consisting of the protocol, as http, followed by the domain name.

So we just take your URL and redirect from a domain name that is short, to your web page that has a long URL.
For example, the URL https://www.facebook.com/marketingbysms (40 characters) can be shortened to w-o-w.tv/c (10 characters). Try it! All our short urls start with w-o-w.tv.

You can simply register short URLs in your account and point to the web content of your choice. We keep track of all the visits to your short url, so you know who many people have actually viewed it:

Short Url
Why use short URLs?
  • Track your message campaigns
  • Save on message costs.
  • Improve message readability.
  • Point to new content on your site.
  • Link to a promotional video.