What is a dedicated = 2-way number?

A 2-way number incorporates both outbound (Mobile Terminated or MT) and inbound (Mobile Originated or MO) SMS. A 2-way SMS user can send and receive SMS through our web messaging platform Text & Tell.
Why register a 2-way number?
  • Receive incoming messages
  • Centralise your business SMS communications and provide an audit trail
  • Give your clients the opportunity to contact your company via SMS not just email
  • Communicate with your mobile workforce
  • Send out automated replies
  • Manage emergency operations

Inbound SMS communications

A two-way number works just like a normal mobile number. With each Text & Tell account we give you the opportunity to receive incoming messages. You can simply apply for a 2-way number from within your Text & Tell account.

Please allow 8-10 working days to register a dedicated number. Setup and monthly fees apply. Check our 2-way number pricing.

Multiple two-way numbers per account

You can register multiple two-way numbers under one account and allocate them to individual users.

SPAM Legislation compliant

Text & Tell is fully compliant with SPAM legislation by providing an opt-out for all your marketing campaigns. Mobile users can simply send any of the following messages to your two-way number: STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE or QUIT.

For further information please read our SPAM statement.