What is Excel to SMS?

Export data from your Business App into a Spreadsheet and map the columns you would like to use in your SMS (up to 4 columns + Mobile Number + Country Callling Code)
Why use Excel to SMS?
  • SMS any data from your Business Applications
  • Send up to 50'000 SMS's from Spreadsheet
  • No need to import data into your Text & Tell account
  • Downloadable report showing invalid numbers
  • Super fast sending

Quick Excel to SMS

To make thinks easy, we created the "Quick Excel upload". The only "must" is the order of your columns:
1. First name 2. Last name 3. Mobile number 4. Country Calling Code (only required if sending internationally).

Excel to SMS

Select the data you would like to export from one of your Business Applications. Export the data into a Spreadsheet. There is not need to select specific columns during the export, but you will need at least a Mobile Number column.

Log into your Text & Tell acccount and select 'Custom Excel To SMS'. Map the columns you would like to use in your SMS. Send or schedule the sending of the mapped data.

Once sending is completed, you will be able to download a failed number report.

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