What is the Marketing By SMS Partner Program?

The Marketing By SMS Partner Program provides you with trailing commissions for all customers you are referring to Marketing By SMS.
Partner info & benefits
  • Suitable for Software Developers or anyone who would like to SMS enable their business
  • Online customer or reseller account (subject to volume)
  • Online account for your customers and users
  • Trailing commission (subject to partner status and messaging volume)
  • Automated customer billing system
  • Complete online usage and financial summaries for all your customers
  • Full support for all your customer's messaging needs
  • Your customer's data is safe: Our servers are in the Equinix Data Centre in Sydney and all data is transmitted via SSL

You may have an existing customer base or you would like to SMS enable your own software.

You have checked out our competitors and are looking for a more reliable or cheaper SMS Solution.

You may already sell other software and are looking for an opportunity to onsell our Text & Tell Application.

You prefer to deal with an Australian based company and support team and don't like call centre queues.

Our reseller and customer invoicing system is fully automated and integrated into the Text & Tell Application. This means: No paperwork for you.

We welcome new partners but you will be subject to our partner program approval process.

If you are interested in becoming a Marketing By SMS business partner, please call our Marketing & Sales Manager, Michel Humair, on +61 7 3917 7260 today.