Refund Policy

Prepaid Accounts

The account holder is responsible for all recharges made on his account, whether completed by themselves or someone else.

We are unable to refund recharges that have successfully loaded message credits onto your Prepaid Account.

Unused message credits expire after 1 year. You may apply in writing to Marketing By SMS no later than 14 days before the credits expire and ask for the unused credits to be either refunded, carried forward or transferred to another Marketing By SMS account. It is at the discretion of Marketing By SMS to approve such a request.

Postpaid Accounts

If you are not entirely satisfied with our messaging services, you can cancel your Marketing by SMS account anytime by contacting us. Any charges due on your account, up and including the date we have received your request, will be charged to your bank account or credit card, according to the Direct Debit Agreement you made with Marketing By SMS.

Statutory rights

Of course, your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by our refund policy and we will always honour our obligations in this regard.

Refund Policy - last updated on 30 January 2018.