What is a Sender Id?

The Sender Id is the Mobile Number displayed when you receive a SMS. If using an online SMS Messaging Provider, this is usually a random Mobile Number.
Why use a Sender Id?
  • Always send from the same number
  • Receive replies to your Mobile handset
  • Get recognised by your customers
  • Cheaper then a 2-way number. Check our Sender Id pricing.

Most online Messaging Providers will send your SMS from a random number. With Text & Tell you can register a Sender Id for each user on your account. Once we have confirmed your Mobile Number, by sending you an Activation Code, all SMS' will be sent from the number you have registered and all replies will be sent back to this number.

We can also register alphanumeric Sender Id's e.g. YourCompanyName or YourBrandName (subject to approval).